Production Control

Good performace needs Disease-Control. However, Real disease in field never show simple figure. The outlooks of modefired and complicated disease are much differ from typical symptom described textbook.

Addditionally, Antibody-titres are influenced by many vaccination. That means it is hardly possible to dignose based on  High-Titre of some pathogen.

PPQC screens Antibody-Titre of main infectious pathogen (Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis,Infectious Bursal Disease, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, Infectious Cryza, Egg-Drop-Syndrom,etc) for all of flock sequentially. Serial Data indicate real figure of the disease.

In the case which is so complicated that is unable to diagnose by routine test, pathological, immunopathological and genetical (PCR,PFGD) test can be applied.

New informations are contributed to Veterinary and Food Journals.

PPQC has the motto "Field is always fore going and teaches us truth".