Quality Control of FEED

Salmonella-Entritidis (SE)-Contamination is the most serious problem in Egg-Industries. No-SE-Contamination had been spoken officially until 1998.

PPQC modifired the detecting method more sensitive and found out what SE-Contamination was one of important cause of SE-Contamination in Egg-Field.

According the result, most of feed companies adapted the modifired method for their screening. As the result, The Salmonella and Clostridia-Free is maintaining now a day.

Screening for all of Salmonella and Clostridia are undertaken for All lots of Feed consumed by PPQC-Cliants constantly.


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Amino-Acid-Analysis can confirm good cost performance. Simultaneously, it is useful to check the health of chicken by comparison between data and clinical sighn.

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