Manegement and Information

What is the information. Information-Control is the most important subject in total management. The word of Information may make misunderstanding. Sometimes, they think the informations from News-Media is only infromation. However, informations exist allover the field (farm, office). Against that, these informations are not tumpaked, therefore most of people can not find out informations sorrounding themselves.

Information-Technique (IT) means tools for handling informations.

So called IT-Boom had seemed to be strategic fashion that electristic industries had aimed to promote Information-Tools.

Real information should be what is useful and must be just in time to use it.

PPQC derives informations by handling modern tools and modifired in most useful pattern for each client.

For this aim, PPQC started Association of Japanese Layer Industries Science and Technology (JLIST). The meeting of JLIST are performed annually.


(Symposium )

(Study meeting)

(We go abroad to inspect the situation of foreign country)