Quality Control of EGG

Salmonella Screening:Food poisoning caused by egg is generally well known by mass-comunication-news.PPQC started Salmonella-Control from 1982. The histry is over 20 years. Now it is systemazed as HACCP system for keeping Food-Safty. Serious Egg-Contamination by Salmonella Entritidis (SE) had been occured in England on 1987. In US, SE problen in Pensilvernia (PENN) State was one of famous incident.They started SE Pilot-Project and started HACCP type Project to eradicate SE contamination from egg-industries.

Japanese tradition to have Raw-Egg seek Salmonella-Free table egg, therefore SE problem is pointed out strongly nevertheless Salmonella-Contamination have been slight comparing Europe and US.PPQC is supporting All-Salmonella-Free in our production-Field by total HACCP system.50,000 to 70,000 of Nest-Run-Egg are brought in PPQC and cirtificated Salmonella-Free.

Usually, Egg-Samle is cultivated some part of much material, PPQC cultivate all of Egg-Sample for the pupose to detect very slight contamination.
When Salmonella is isolated from egg, the products is stoped to sell and Special-Salmonella-eradication-program is undertaken.PPQC control all of Biological-Hazzard of table egg.

Hou-Unit:Hou-Unit(HU) which is calicutated by Egg-Weight and Albumin-Hightsis, is indicator of Egg-Freshness and important factor for evaluation of egg quality
Line of bird sometimes influence HU, therefore choice of line is very omportant factor for charactorizing the Products
PPQC scales Egg-Weight of each flock continuously sequentially though the bird-life, simultaneously HU is checked to cirtificate and evaluate the quality.

When birds affected by infectious disease, HU may show low titre. PPQC can perform counter check of the occurance by screening HU of all flocks.